Takeover Leatherman Social Media

We spend a lot of time creating content for you to share on our blogs, and social media. Connecting with you, through genuine conversations, stories, giveaways and content means a lot. We like to hear from you and we like to share with you as much as we can.

We’d like to open the door for another “contest”, a social takeover contest. Anyone can participate, businesses included. You create the content, and we let you start the conversations through things you’ve created. Often times we find that stories and pictures shared by you on our sites are some of the most interesting. We’ll pick some of the best content to share – as many as we can.

Here is how it works:

  1. Create some awesome content. It can be a photo, video, blog story, a mix of it all – and email it to social@leatherman.com.
  2. If chosen, your project could be published to our Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or a mix of all four! Our sport pages are free game too, if those are your tools of choice we’ll appropriately post on those social sites – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  3. We’ll tag you and give you credit, and hopefully some awesome social exposure and comradery.

Creative ideas:

  1. Stories of you using your tools, include images!
  2. Video of you showing off your tool, or using your tool for a project.
  3. Creative photography of Leatherman products.
  4. Suggestions on how to maintain your tool in best working order.
  5. A vlog of you trying to decide between tools, or what tools are best for what job.
  6. Gifts, or newly engraved tools you’ve gotten from friends or during events.
  7. Anything else you can think of!

Things to think about:

  1. Keep things short, unless you’re hoping for a Blog story, text should be kept low in character count. Think tweets, 140 characters. 
  2. Videos more than 1:30 minutes can be a little long, videos should move around, show lots of different shots and views. Get creative, can’t wait to see what you come up with.
  3. Your tool doesn’t have to be the main focus, it can just be a feature or small part of a bigger story you’re hoping to share. Example: Snowboarders can share tricks on the mountain, with the help of their Hail.

Still have questions? – Email social@leatherman.com and we can help you out! We’re always open to brainstorm!

#ToolTalk on Twitter

We’re opening up the floor to all of you to answer your questions, chat live with you and really… just get to know our followers a little more. See details below.

Where: Twitter
When: Tuesday’s from 2-3pm until December 16th.
What: See topics below.
Who: Leatherman social media team and awesome guest takeovers.
Why: We want to know you, our followers.

November 4th – Talking Leatherman and future #tooltalk topics.
Visit us on Nov. 4th for a chat on all things Leatherman, let us know what questions you’re dying to know and let us know what things you want us to cover in future #tooltalk’s.

November 11th – How do you use your tools? Share your Leatherman stories with us and we’ll share ours at #tooltalk.
We’re going to grab a group of great stories of how Leatherman employees have used their tools in and out of the workplace. We want to hear your stories and lets get a great #tooltalk going!

November 18th – Ask a Leatherman Design Engineer on #tooltalk. 
Our Design Engineering team will be taking over our Twitter to answer all your questions and why these tools are designed the way they are. Bring your creative suggestions to the table, with the people who create our products listening.

November 25th – Getting into the Holiday Spirit  and Gift Giving #tooltalk. 
Want to get someone special a Leatherman but unsure which one to get? We’re talking all things gifts. Let us know their hobbies, interests, previous tool history and we’ll be here suggesting tools that will make you the best gift-giver ever.

December 2nd – A walk down multi-tool memory lane with #tooltalk.
Remembering old Leatherman tools, history and awesome things in our archives. We’ll play videos, share images, and talk about the retired tools we all miss so much. Let us know what retired tools you have, and how you use them still.

December 9th – Leatherman Product “Did You Know?”
We’ll be around sharing trivia and interesting facts about our tools. Do you really know Leatherman that well? You won’t want to miss this. Share with us the interesting things you’ve discovered while using your tools, we can’t wait to know all about how you use your tool.

December 16th – #tooltalk with Leatherman President, Ben Rivera
Ben Rivera, President of Leatherman will be taking over the Leatherman Twitter ready to answer your questions. Ben, who began at Leatherman as a Engineer has a strong history in knowing our tools inside and out. He’s ready to talk all things company and business but mostly, he just wants to talk tools. Bring your questions for Ben and get ready to chat live.

If you have questions about our #tooltalk sessions, or how to prep – tweet us at @leathermanusa or email us at facebook@leatherman.com.

This time, it’s personal.

Personalize your new tool with Leatherman custom engraving. From gift-giving to keeping your friends away from your multi-tool, we’ve got you covered.

When shopping online at Leatherman.com, you can choose to add a personalized message to your tool. This project was a goal of ours and we wanted to give consumers the chance to engrave their new multi-tool all in one purchase. A one-stop shop.

Got a birthday coming up? Don’t know what to get your groomsmen for your wedding? Maybe your nephew is starting off at college on his own. Leatherman tools, personalized for the individual, make a great gift for many events and holidays.

By going here, you can see all the tools you have to choose from. From there we’ll give you fonts to pick, allow you to place the message you want in, and you can even see a rough draft of what your new tool will look like before purchasing.

Leap Into The Multi-Tool World

We couldn’t be more excited to share with you more about the Leap, this tool is a first for us and a Leatherman innovation we’re hoping you guys love as much as we do. Enter the Leap.

Leatherman is known for generation users, those who have multi-tools that were handed down from their grandparents and they are some of our users most prized possessions. We love hearing those stories, and the stories of the generational user.

The Leap was designed to create a safe and introductory tool for kids of younger generation. Here are some of our kid-friendly innovations to our favorite multi-tool style:

  1. They are designed for smaller hands. No heavy, too big tools for the littlest users.
  2. They have a removable knife blade that can be inserted once a supervisor or parent feels it’s safe for the child to use.
  3. They have safety locks, the tools won’t jump around on our children in use.
  4. The tools open, lock and unlock in ways that are ergonomically designed to keep kids fingers out of the way of harm.
  5. The grips are designed for the tool to be comfortably used away from the child’s direction. No knives or saws coming towards the child’s body, only used away from.

We want to celebrate our youngest doers, those who want to develop building, creating, fixing and the outdoors lives. The Leatherman Leap is here to help us do that and in style – red, blue and green style to be exact.

Win 18 of our most popular Multi-Tools!

Now, through the rest of September, we’re doing something big. We’re doing one of the biggest giveaways we’ve ever done, and it’s a simple entry contest to top it off. No creating a video, no posting a picture of your recent DIY project – all you have to do, is sign up for our monthly newsletter. Best part of the 18-tool giveaway? It all comes in a custom Leatherman YETI Roadie cooler. Enter here.

“Which tools will I win?” you ask. 
Charge TTi, Crunch, Juice XE6, Micra, MUT, OHT, Raptor, Rebar, Sidekick, Skeletool, Squirt PS4, Style CS, Style PS, Super Tool 300, Surge, Wave, Wingman, Z-Rex. Approximate Retail Value: $1,750.00.

“But Leatherman, I don’t want to get spammed,” you said. 
Don’t worry, we’ll only send you first-to-know, informational emails and special deals – only for our email subscribers. 

“I’m not sure if I have signed up for the newsletter or not before,” you told us.
You should have gotten an email about this contest and how to enter if you’re already a newsletter subscriber (we sent it out early on the 10th of September). If not, sign up and enter!

“So, I can still enter to win if I already subscribe?” you questioned.
Of course! This contest isn’t only for new subscribers, check your email for more details on how to enter. And thank you for already being a newsletter member! 

Miss Oregon Celebrates American Based Jobs and Manufacturing

Miss Oregon 2014, Rebecca Anderson, visited Leatherman for a factory tour just in time for Labor Day. She wanted celebrate and to learn more about Oregon jobs by seeing our manufacturing process here at Leatherman first hand.

“When people think Oregon, they don’t always think manufacturing. But companies like Leatherman do exist and are thriving here in Portland,” said Rebecca. “It’s amazing, I’ve never seen a factory like this before. I’ve learned so much about Oregon jobs and how this all works.”

We took photos throughout the tour, and of course we had to get a picture of her with our newest product, the Leap!

Thank you for coming, Rebecca! We loved meeting you and teaching you about the Leatherman factory and how we make our tools.

On September 14th, Miss Oregon will go on to compete in Miss America 2015 in Atlantic City, NJ. Make sure to tune into ABC and cheer her on! 

Outdoor Retailer Show 2014 – The Recap

What’s the info on the new releases from OR show? What’s coming up, and when can I get them?

LED Lenser is releasing four exciting new products: NEO Headlamps, F1R, T2 and TT. All these products begin shipping in September and October.

  • The NEO headlamps are our new neon colored headlamps created for the active lifestyle user. Created with runners, joggers, families, nighttime recreational activities and more in mind, it has 90 lumens, 16:9 wide beamed light and runs on 3AAA batteries. You can get them in Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink and Green.
  • The F1R is one of the most powerful, compact flashlights on the market with 1000 lumens, Smart Light Technology® and IPX8 Waterproof features.
  • Our TT and T2 are upgraded versions of our Tac Torch and V2 lights designed with better-quality optics, tail cap switch improvements and higher power LED’s to enhance the previous versions for the users.

Leatherman is launching the Leatherman Leap. The Leap will be available to ship in the next couple weeks! 

  • The Leap is the industry first ever kid friendly multi-tool. It’s ergonomically designed for the first time multi-tool user, with the ability to be functional with or without the knife blade depending on maturity and responsibility level of the child. When ready, the knife can be locked into the tool for use. The Leap gives the younger generation the first tool designed just for them.


Leatherman Action Sports – The FAQs

Did you know we have a full line of tools created just for our Action Sports enthusiasts? We’ve launched a new category of our blog, dedicated specifically just for our Action Sports blogs, and we have a goal to write about both Leatherman and Leatherman Sport a little more.

What is your Action Sports Line? 
We set out to partner with industry experts to deliver lightweight tools designed for the equipment and needs of Action Sports. We launched it in 2013, and have grown from there.

You mentioned industry experts, what kind of experts?
We’ve partnered, gained expert opinions or worked with brands and professionals like Signal Snowboards™,  Arto SaariGirl®,  Royal®, and Cyrus Sutton to really understand the craft and needs of each sport in a multi-tool or pocket tool.

What kind of tools are there?
Our action sports line is filled with lightweight multi-tools, pocket tools, knives and of course the compliment of LED Lenser headlamps and lights.

What sports do you currently have?
We currently have tools for Surf, Skate and Snow.

Where can I buy these items?
You can buy them online at our website here.

Are you going to add other sports to your line?
Just like other Leatherman products, as we grow, we’ll be looking into other sports and activities. Leatherman’s mission is to help as many people as possible improve their lives by preparing them for the expected and unexpected.

Can I carry-on my AS tools onto a plane?
Some yes, some no. Mostly yes though! You can also always stow it in your checked luggage that travels under the plane. And remember – ultimately it is up to the discretion of the individual TSA agent as to what they will let you carry or not. For the latest federal regulations, please visit www.tsa.gov. The tools we currently have that follow those TSA guidelines are: Grind, Hail, Jam, Style PS, Rime, Shooter and Thruster.

Are these tools still under the 25-year warranty that Leatherman has? 
Absolutely! Our warranty is simple. You broke it, we’ll fix it. No questions, no hassles, no wasting your time. Just go to the Warranty page at leatherman.com/support-warranty.html and print/fill out the form provided there, put it and your tool in the mail to us and we’ll fix/replace your tool and send it back to you for free. If you are from outside the US/Canada, please go to this same place on the web site and select the country you live in and send your tool to that country’s distributor. They act as the warranty agent for Leatherman in that country. You can also find warranty information on the Leatherman Mobile Site, “Warranty” button, but the form cannot be downloaded from there.

Do you guys have stickers?
We sure do, and they’re awesome. Email sponsorship@leatherman.com and we can send some out to you.

Get them while you can!

We recently decided to take a leap into the world of Limited Time Offers! We had some product that we’ve been holding onto that we wanted to share with all of you. For a limited-until-we-run-out amount of time you can get our retired Blast, 30th Anniversary Micra and 30th Anniversary SuperTool 300. These products we’ve placed on our website here for you to check out – and we’re not restocking them! We’re excited to be able to offer this opportunity to you all and hope you are too. Get them while you can!

Blast: Loaded with our most requested features, the Leatherman Blast is ready for work. Longer blades mean easier slicing, sawing, filing and more, while Zytel® handle inserts provide a comfortable, reliable grip. New designs for the handles and pliers help Blast sustain more than double the squeezing load of the original PST. With the Blast, even small hands can get themselves around the biggest jobs comfortably.

30th Anniversary MicraThe Leatherman Micra is our most popular mini-tool with anglers, hobbyists and those who can appreciate the best spring-action scissors around. Personal care features that fit on your keychain are just part of what makes the Micra truly unique. Ten useful tools are packed into this tiny, lightweight Leatherman. This special 30th Anniversary edition Micra sports a black DLC coating, our 30th Anniversary crest, and Tim Leatherman’s signature, making it a perfect gift choice for collectors or the DIY multi-tasker in your life.

30th Anniversary Super Tool: The award-winning, Leatherman Super Tool 300 is the multi-tool for the working man. Larger pliers are the strongest we’ve ever produced and the sloped-top handle design means you can maneuver them further into tight spaces. When you’re working with gloves on, the large side cutouts make it easy to still grab components and rolled handles make for a comfortable grip. Stranded, hard and regular wire cutters all come standard on Super Tool 300, and because they’re removable you can repair or re-sharpen on the spot. 19 tools all ready for your toughest jobs – and, for a short time, available in this limited edition 30th Anniversary edition! This special release features a black DLC coating, our 30th Anniversary crest, and founder Tim Leatherman’s signature, perfect as a gift for collectors or for yourself.