LED LENSER’s 2015 New Products

SHOT Show is one of the biggest trade shows of the year for us and we always take this opportunity to launch some of our newest products to our distributors and attendees. Some you may have seen these before in soft launches, but SHOT show has made it official. Plus, one new product, which you’ve probably never seen – we wrote a separate blog for that, here.

Also, we upgraded our SEO line, check that out! 

Upgrades for our SEO Headlamps

LED LENSER, a Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. company, announced a refresh to their lineup of powerful and lightweight SEO LED headlamps. LED LENSER has added consumer-requested features, boosted lumen performance, and given a new look to the ISPO Award-winning SEO 3, SEO 5, and SEO 7R.

New features to the SEO line include a silver focusing ring to eliminate light loss from the edges of the lens and new ergonomic headbands for the whole line. The SEO 3 has been completely rethought with LED LENSER’s Advanced Focus System™ and a new LED chip that boosts lumen performance by 10%.

All the lights in the SEO line feature Smart Light Technology™ for switching quickly between high and low power and a signal mode and LED LENSER’s patented Advanced Focus System™ for either a wide beam for reading a map, or a powerful spot for long distance visibility. All SEO lights feature a red light mode for preserving night vision.

The SEO 7R pioneered a new patented technology for LED LENSER, OPTISENSE™, which measures the light level in the user’s surrounding area in real time. The light then adjusts its brightness automatically, saving battery life and providing the user with just the right amount of light, hands free. SEO 7R also comes with a rechargeable battery pack that allows the user the option of charging via a conventional plug or USB, or using three AAA batteries.

All SEO headlamps weigh less than 3.5 ounces, have a helpful carabiner clip for carrying on the go, and feature a swiveling head to direct light exactly where it’s needed. The green SEO 3 provides 100 lumens on high; the SEO 5 headlamp, which comes in a gray or red option, provides 180 lumens; the blue SEO 7R provides 220 lumens. All three lights operate on only three AAA batteries.

The new XEO headlamp: Groundbreaking Dual-LED Technology, all in your control.

LED LENSER, a Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. company, has designed a groundbreaking and versatile headlamp for the ultimate adventurer. The XEO headlamp is the first of its kind with a bright 2000 lumen output in two independently operated LEDs, state-of-the-art technology, and transformative design that allows the user to wear, carry and mount the light comfortably for all situations.

Holding two separately controlled LEDs, the XEO’s patented structure will allow easy independent manipulation of each light. “The ability to focus and control each lens freely lets you design the light for your activity,” said Chris Currah, LED LENSER Product Manager. “You can decide to have one light on spot and one light on flood, or you can choose to have both on the same setting for a more defined spot or flood beam.”

The XEO was created with a new user-friendly dynamic control pad that lets the operator easily adapt the light between settings. Light modes and brightness can be changed with the use of the five intuitive programmed buttons on the top of the light, making lighting favorite activities simpler than ever.

The XEO will also introduce three new advanced features including a USB charger and power bank, OPTISENSE™ technology and an air intake chamber. The remarkable USB charger and power bank will let the consumer use the headlamp battery to charge a phone, GoPro®, or other electronic devices on-the-go. OPTISENSE™ technology uses an integrated brightness sensor to give the light the ability to measure the output needed in real-time and then adjusting accordingly. The air intake chamber was designed to allow air enter into the headlamp as the user moves, cooling the LEDs so the XEO will maintain peak performance and brightness for longer.

“We wanted something that can be used without the user worrying about switching between modes or features at a moment’s notice,” said Currah. “It’s one of our most sophisticated headlamps, letting you effortlessly control the light for your needs during any activity.”

The XEO headlamp will include a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack, optional extended power cord and run for up to 40 hours. It is designed with IPX6 splash-proof housing, and is backed by our industry-leading 5-year warranty. The XEO also has a variety of mounting accessories that can be used in a number of original ways: like clip it to a belt or bag, transform it to a handheld flashlight, mount it to a helmet, or even attach it to a bike during a ride.

Handling Routine Car Maintenance with Everyday Tools

[GUEST BLOG]: Tools and auto repair have been long-time buddies for as long as we can remember. While some are fluent in auto maintenance, others need direction as to what tool works best for each need. Who better to tell you some of the top tools necessary for DIY auto repair and maintenance than The Armored Group, a company that renovates everyday trucks into armored trucks?

Here are some must-haves for your vehicle’s tool kit for any minor repair or maintenance task!

  1. Illuminate the Dark - No matter if it’s dark or light outside, you will definitely need a flashlight. Take these small rechargeable light options for example. These small handheld lights pack a punch with adjustable light modes, so you can see all the nooks and crannies of your engine or vehicle’s interior! All of the above options come with a five-year warranty!
  2. Pliers Hold ’Em - Pliers are a great tool for various maintenance tasks. Use the clamping version, such as Leatherman’s Crunch, to hold down a part end, while you use a wrench to loosen a bolt or other fastener. Needle-nosed pliers, on the other hand, have tapered, slender tips that are good for getting into those tight spaces.
  3. Precisely Tight Spots - Certain types of wrenches serve different purposes in car maintenance. Traditionally, wrenches for vehicle maintenance come in both US customary units and metric sizes to accommodate the different fits for nuts and bolts throughout your vehicle. If you don’t want a deluxe size set, try the pocket-sized, such as the Piranha 2!
  4. Choose Flat or Phillips - Screwdrivers are great for tightening or loosening clamps, as well as taking care of any screws that hold protective pieces to the main part you are seeking to reach. Opt for the bit kit accessory pack to attach to your Leatherman.

Granted there are many more tools that were used to create your vehicle, but for simple vehicle maintenance, having a flashlight, set of pliers, set of wrenches and sockets as well as the two types of screwdrivers will get the minor jobs taken care of. Need more ideas on how to use tools for everyday maintenance? Contact your local tool specialist today!

The Armored Group LLC takes ordinary trucks and converts them into extraordinary science marvels with their bullet-resistant plating and glass. Our vehicles have been used in military, tactical and even money-transporting businesses for over 25 years, and we will continue to do so to protect every passenger, every time. Fill out our contact form to get more information about our updated inventory today!

Tim meets with fans in China

Although we’re proud of our American roots, you can find Leatherman users all over the world. Tim Leatherman often makes appearances and attends events globally, sharing his story and business ideas. Here, he’s seen visiting with some Leatherman enthusiasts in China at a event promoting health, outdoor, and technology savvy brands and products. He spoke to the group about Leatherman and LED LENSER, signed tools and shared stories with fans.

The new F1R

The F1R is the most powerful, compact flashlight to hit LED LENSER. This innovative light is equipped with an impressive 1000 lumen output. It also comes with rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and IPX8 waterproof housing all squeezed into a 4.5 inch light. Functional features include a USB port charger, tactical ring for breaking glass and a variable clip which allows the user to pin the light to surfaces in either direction.

“We really wanted to take the brightness and rechargeable features of our most powerful lights and pack it all into our popular F1,” said Chris Currah, LED LENSER Product Manager. “Then a multitude of people can use the F1R: tactical, professional, even the everyday consumer can use this light for different reasons. It’s an impressive little light you can have anywhere with you.”

The F1R is available online at ledlenserusa.com now.

How a rechargeable flashlight comes in handy

There is nothing worse than reaching for your phone, remote, flashlight, computer or other electronics to see it’s dead. But what’s worse? Realizing you need to replace the batteries.

We live in a world that has a lot of rechargeable. Our phones, computers, cars – they all charge without having to worry about the batteries being replaced. It’s almost 2015, I think it’s time we see an available option for rechargable in all electronics, don’t you?

Let’s list some ways a rechargable is handy: 

  1. The obvious: The convenience alone will make you wonder why you spent so many years stocking up on batteries to replace your dead ones. Why not just plug it in?
  2. A charged light (or fresh batteries) makes for a bright beam. Almost dead batteries start to lose power, don’t let that happen – charge it up!
  3. But what about those days you’re not near an outlet? No worries, remember, it’s 2015. We have capabilities to charge your light in USB drives, cars, and even solar adapters work to get you charged up.
  4. It’s much more cost efficient – batteries are expensive, and who wants to buy them over and over again?
  5. You can get them in all kinds of sizes and needs – we’ve made sure of it. Check out our smallest, and our biggest. We’ve got some everywhere in between, here.
  6. Headlamps too, see them here.

Let us know what you think about rechargable vs. non-rechargeable – we’re always hoping to start a conversation.

14 Reasons You Should Get a New NEO Headlamp

LED LENSER just launched their new NEO Headlamps, shown here. But what are they? Why should you buy them? It’s simple, here are the reasons:

  1. They’re by far our most colorful additions to the family (besides our D14) – Neon colors, so many neon colors – Pink, Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow.
  2. It’s modern and different. Are you a running, jogging, rollerblading, hiking, skating, walking, dancing, at a concert, taking photos? Are you a kid? Adult? It’s a lightweight light designed for movementpeople, all people, who enjoy life and are flexible and spontaneous. There really are so many reasons It’s perfect for you. 
  3. It’s great for kids and families – Walking the dog, playing in the backyard, hide and seek tag in the house after dinner, the neon colors are fun and creative for your kids to love. With a front and rear light, you and your family will be safe and seen. 
  4. Do you love those DIY household crafts? Do them hands free and in style with a neon headlamp that’s bright but can be dimmed for any situation.
  5. It’s got a wide and bright beam, 16:9 to be exact, you’re going to see everything and your safety is heightened.
  6. The NEO is easy, control it with one switch.
  7. It’s 54g without batteries – That’s less than one pound of weight.
  8. They’re compact, ergonomically designed for human anatomy.
  9. They operate on batteries you can find anywhere. All you need is 3 AAA batteries, rechargeable batteries (NiMH) are possible too.
  10. Splash resistant – Don’t panic if it begins to rain on your camping trip, running route or hike.
  11. Smart Light Technology – Do you want bright light, dimmed light, or a blinking light that lets you be seen? You pick.
  12. How would you feel if I told you this tiny, lightweight, neon and trendy light will give you 90 lumens of light? That’s bright.
  13. They are so fun. Check this out.

Find out more information here, let us know what you think. These lights are now available on ledlenserusa.com!

Outdoor Retailer Show 2014 – The Recap

What’s the info on the new releases from OR show? What’s coming up, and when can I get them?

LED Lenser is releasing four exciting new products: NEO Headlamps, F1R, T2 and TT. All these products begin shipping in September and October.

  • The NEO headlamps are our new neon colored headlamps created for the active lifestyle user. Created with runners, joggers, families, nighttime recreational activities and more in mind, it has 90 lumens, 16:9 wide beamed light and runs on 3AAA batteries. You can get them in Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink and Green.
  • The F1R is one of the most powerful, compact flashlights on the market with 1000 lumens, Smart Light Technology® and IPX8 Waterproof features.
  • Our TT and T2 are upgraded versions of our Tac Torch and V2 lights designed with better-quality optics, tail cap switch improvements and higher power LED’s to enhance the previous versions for the users.

Leatherman is launching the Leatherman Leap. The Leap will be available to ship in the next couple weeks! 

  • The Leap is the industry first ever kid friendly multi-tool. It’s ergonomically designed for the first time multi-tool user, with the ability to be functional with or without the knife blade depending on maturity and responsibility level of the child. When ready, the knife can be locked into the tool for use. The Leap gives the younger generation the first tool designed just for them.