14 Reasons You Should Get a New NEO Headlamp

LED LENSER just launched their new NEO Headlamps, shown here. But what are they? Why should you buy them? It’s simple, here are the reasons:

  1. They’re by far our most colorful additions to the family (besides our D14) – Neon colors, so many neon colors – Pink, Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow.
  2. It’s modern and different. Are you a running, jogging, rollerblading, hiking, skating, walking, dancing, at a concert, taking photos? Are you a kid? Adult? It’s a lightweight light designed for movementpeople, all people, who enjoy life and are flexible and spontaneous. There really are so many reasons It’s perfect for you. 
  3. It’s great for kids and families – Walking the dog, playing in the backyard, hide and seek tag in the house after dinner, the neon colors are fun and creative for your kids to love. With a front and rear light, you and your family will be safe and seen. 
  4. Do you love those DIY household crafts? Do them hands free and in style with a neon headlamp that’s bright but can be dimmed for any situation.
  5. It’s got a wide and bright beam, 16:9 to be exact, you’re going to see everything and your safety is heightened.
  6. The NEO is easy, control it with one switch.
  7. It’s 54g without batteries – That’s less than one pound of weight.
  8. They’re compact, ergonomically designed for human anatomy.
  9. They operate on batteries you can find anywhere. All you need is 3 AAA batteries, rechargeable batteries (NiMH) are possible too.
  10. Splash resistant – Don’t panic if it begins to rain on your camping trip, running route or hike.
  11. Smart Light Technology – Do you want bright light, dimmed light, or a blinking light that lets you be seen? You pick.
  12. How would you feel if I told you this tiny, lightweight, neon and trendy light will give you 90 lumens of light? That’s bright.
  13. They are so fun. Check this out.

Find out more information here, let us know what you think. These lights will be available on ledlenserusa.com soon! They’re on their way!

Outdoor Retailer Show 2014 – The Recap

What’s the info on the new releases from OR show? What’s coming up, and when can I get them?

LED Lenser is releasing four exciting new products: NEO Headlamps, F1R, T2 and TT. All these products begin shipping in September and October.

  • The NEO headlamps are our new neon colored headlamps created for the active lifestyle user. Created with runners, joggers, families, nighttime recreational activities and more in mind, it has 90 lumens, 16:9 wide beamed light and runs on 3AAA batteries. You can get them in Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink and Green.
  • The F1R is one of the most powerful, compact flashlights on the market with 1000 lumens, Smart Light Technology® and IPX8 Waterproof features.
  • Our TT and T2 are upgraded versions of our Tac Torch and V2 lights designed with better-quality optics, tail cap switch improvements and higher power LED’s to enhance the previous versions for the users.

Leatherman is launching the Leatherman Leap. The Leap will be available to ship in the next couple weeks! 

  • The Leap is the industry first ever kid friendly multi-tool. It’s ergonomically designed for the first time multi-tool user, with the ability to be functional with or without the knife blade depending on maturity and responsibility level of the child. When ready, the knife can be locked into the tool for use. The Leap gives the younger generation the first tool designed just for them.


Why LED?

Why buy a LED flashlight?

  1. They are simple. LED stands for light-emitting diode, which is a simple electrical current that only allows the electricity to move in one direction. 
  2. They can last for a long time. The average battery life of a 180 lumen light is 90hrs. And those batteries are sometimes rechargeable.
  3. LEDs are known to be more durable than other lights. The materials that they’re created from help that durability. Temperature control, non-glass components, longer lifespans, lumens, the list really goes on.
  4. Options: These lights, like many others, also come in different shapes, base configurations, focus systems, colors and intensities.
  5. These lights can be created to produce light in various ways, fitting all your needs. Headlamps, handheld, keychain, powerful, waterproof, mounted, survival, outdoors, etc.
  6. Often times, they’re paired with technology. Like Smart Light Technology, for example.

We’re proud of our lights – Shop them here.

Four Colors, Same Quality Light

The P7QC is the first four color handheld flashlight from LED LENSER. Yeah, you heard it, four colors bursting with 220 lumens in white, red, blue or green.

Uses for White: It’s just…light. It’ll help you make any dark place feel like daytime.
Uses for Red: Night vision won’t be compromised with this feature. Many tactical, aviation, safety and military professionals use this feature during late night work.
Uses for Green: Green is less visible than red, great for hunting, signalling and keeping things calm when walking to the campsite without drawing attention to yourself.
Uses for Blue: Blue is most popular for blood tracking scenarios and map reading. Most hunters prefer the blue to help topography lines to stand out in travelling situations.

An updated version of the popular P7 model, the P7QC provides the perfect light to any situation. The P7QC will run for 3 hours on Power mode and up to 50 hours of light on Low Power, all on just four AAA batteries. Find out more and buy yours here today.

Let there be light!

Signal Snowboards does an awesome video about creating off the wall snowboards every third Thursday of each month. The segment, which they’ve appropriately named Every Third Thursday, had what we think to be a pretty awesome theme; LIGHT! They called us for help and we couldn’t be more excited to share this all with you! Watch this video and see what happens when fresh new snow, nighttime darkness, a couple of snowboards and LED LENSER join together:



Sometimes, we like to let our consumers, friends, users, etc., do the talking. We work hard to make sure our product is as high quality as it can be, and therefore, we hope we always have satisfied users. But most importantly, it’s your opinion that matters most. If you love or hate something, we can always count on you. You guys help us create and work toward our new products, or upgrading the ones you already love to be even better. So, simply, thank you.

This review, by a well known tool review sight, www.protoolreviews.com, wrote an awesome product review and breakdown of one of our favorite lights; The M17R.

Check it out, tell us what you think!

Warranty – Relax, no need to worry here!

At LED LENSER USA, we take extraordinary measures so your LED LENSER light will give you many years of dependable service. If it doesn’t, we will gladly repair or replace it, at our discretion, with one of equal or greater value under our 5-year guarantee. Visit the warranty page at LED LENSER to learn how easy it is to get warranty service.

Note: When filling out the paperwork online to be sent in, make sure to pay attention to the sentimental check box, if you don’t click it, chances are you won’t be getting your personal light back. The warranty program will either send you a perfectly working refurbished light, a new one, or a light that is comparable (only if your current light is retired).

Local Secret: The one and only official LED LENSER/Leatherman Retail Store does in-person warranty service on the spot! If you live near Portland, Oregon, visit the Retail Store for a quick fix. Say hello to our wonderful staff and be in and out with a fixed light in minutes!

It really is as easy as sending it in to us, we’ll do the rest for you.

Summertime is coming!

We know that for most, summertime is just around the corner. That means warmer weather but most importantly – getting out of the house to enjoy it! Some of the best things about summer are all the possibilities for nighttime/evening activities without the worry of drastically dropping temperatures.

This is where our SEO headlamp series comes in to action, check out how cool these products are on our YouTube channel below:

We also made a short list of some activities that our SEO comes in handy (but there are so many more):

  • Fishing after dark (or before the sun comes up)
  • Hunting
  • Camping/Backpacking
  • Cave exploring
  • Cleaning the boat after a day on the lake or river
  • Kids – great to send to summer camp with or for outdoor activities in the backyard
  • Dorm Rooms – don’t bother your roommate who is trying to sleep
  • Bike riding after dark
  • Going on a nighttime walk through the neighborhood
  • Repair work
  • Running
  • Reading a book out in the fresh evening air



Leatherman and LED LENSER together recently attended the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. It was a great chance to meet some wonderful people, as well as showcase our wide line of tools, knifes and LED LENSER lights.

Leatherman debuted a tool we’re very excited about; the Leap. The Leap is a tool intended for younger users under supervision from a parent or guardian with the intention of adding more advanced features like the knife or upgrading to a different Leatherman model as they get older and more responsible with the tools. For more details have a look at the video below:

LED LENSER has a whole line of updated flashlights and our new M3R and P7-Quad Color, which are both amazing additions to our collection. Watch below: